Welcome to an immersion bubble dedicated to the present moment

A zen sharing space opens its doors to the soft murmur of a fountain

Here we carefully cultivate the wellness and the joy of life

Opening in spring 2020

our services

Your event in a secret garden

Rent a half indoor-outdoor space 7d/week

With a customization tailored to your needs

To host workshops, conferences, work meetings…

An unprecedented moment on the spot

Book the whole building for you

Including an accomodation on-site for 12 people

With an atmosphere particularly calm & relaxing

the founding idea

Our activities on site

Zen Yoga

Discovery Workshops

Relaxation with Tibetan bowls

Energy Care

It is a turning point in life when you decide to go and live your own dream…

My adventure started with a stroke of inspiration for Barcelona

A creative and sunny city between sea and mountain !

Thus was born Villa Zen Barcelona as the realization of a dream

That of creating a benevolent place to evolve together towards a more conscious world

Through an inspiring feng shui cocoon dedicated to the sustainable development for the planet…


Fun-Anh TRAN

my green mission

Villa Zen Barcelona is committed to preserving the planet’s natural resources by minimizing urban pollution:

  •  Saving water on a daily basis thanks to an equipment of a rainwater recovery system
  •  Operating an economic system of solar panels for the production of hot water
  •  Installing a filtered water system to reduce bottled water consumption
  •  Focusing on energy-saving lighting and recommending a responsable use of electricity
  •  Using eco-friendly washing products
  •  Offering organic products as a priority
  •  Minimizing waste production and selective sorting

A partnership with the fundation Reforest’action is set up so that each of your stays is coupled with the planting trees in the world. Through this collaborative gesture we compensate our carbon emission and try to provide a better environment for the future generations.

Join us in spring 2020


Carrer Torrent de les flors 50


+ 33 662 89 29 47