Zen Experience


The Zen experience is based on activities on-site in the form of workshops.

A Zen stay with dailies activities and hosting will also be offered on certain dates.

Good Vibes in Barcelona

Enjoy our activities in a green garden with deckchairs and hammocks

Zen Yoga for all

Discovery Workshops

Relaxation with Tibetan bowls

BONUS drinks are included during the activities : organic tea /detox infusion /fruit water

Individual Energy Cares will be delivered by appointment

Our on-site activities

Connect your body and mind

The benefits of yoga are multiple

Starting with a good mood !

Yoga-Zen is absolutely accessible to all

Dare to do you good !

Living Personal Development

You want to increase your consciousness?

Learning without taking it seriously?

Around a glass and a playful activity

Come and share a warm moment…

Relaxing to the sound of Tibetan bowls

The most enchanting moment of the subtlety of the living

Sit comfortably in a garden

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported

Enjoy a moment of ecstasy listening to the sound…

Discovering the magic of energy care

A journey of initiation inside oneself

Clean your emotional toxins

In order to feel freer and happier

Deploy your potential for a fresh start…

On certain dates

Take a break, a real

Enjoy a gateway for a few days

It’s never too late to come back to yourself

Take the time to live to the rhythm of the present moment

Welcome in a relaxing and caring environment…


Do yourself good

From spring 2020