We have two lives… The second Life begins when you realize you only have one!

Of Vietnamese Origin born in France, I followed a singular professional course.

For many years, I have devoted myself to my profession of optician in Paris, while developing a close relationship with my customers.

When my father disappeared in 2006, I turned to my Buddhist roots, which put me on the path of self-knowledge.

Through my many complementary courses, I share my passions daily as yoga teacher, Energetic therapist and Sonotherapist, Feng Shui expert, coach in personal development, ecology and nutrition.

During a trip to Spain in 2014, I had a passion for Barcelona and the energy of this city propelled me to a new project totally visionary.

After five years of maturation, it is with immense pleasure that I will open the doors of Villa Zen Barcelona early 2020… A wellness concentrator that I will lead alone on the way to my life path…

Fun-Anh TRAN

My training 

Yoga classes:

  • Training at the Fly – Yoga school with Florie Ravinet – Paris
  • Training at 5 elements International Yoga School -Monte Gordo – Portugal

Feng Shui Workshops:

  • Training Expert Feng Shui – School Adequation Feng shui with Christine Lepetit Renault -Paris

Workshops Ikebana/Kokedama:

  • Ikebana Training – Ikebana Sogetsu School with Odile Carton – Cultural House of Japan – Paris
  • Kokedama Training with Arnaud Roy – Quartier Japan – Paris

Intuitive Drawing workshops:

  • Zen Painting Training Sumi-E- artist workshops with Ruben Fuentes – Paris
  • Mandala Workshops with Sandrine Syamamandala – Paris

Sound therapy to Tibetan bowls:

  • Gong Master’s Training – Sound Therapy Academy with Philippe Garnier – Avignon
  • Sonology – Medson’s Institute with Emmanuel Comte – Albaydo
  • Sound Therapy Training – Amber School with Alain Griet – Briare

Energy Care:

  • Advanced Energy Care Training with Dr Luc Bodin – Paris
  •  Access Consciousness Bars Training with Magali Vigneron – Paris

Energy Massages:

  • Training in Chromotherapy and Tuning Forks with Emmanuel Comte – Medson Institute – Albaydo
  • Stone Massage Training with Alain Griet – Amber Training – Briare
  • Training in Naturopathy, Litothérapy and Aromatherapy with Bernard Berigaud – Paris
  • Training in Chromatotherapy with Dr Christian Agrapard – Paris

Personal Development Workshops:

  • Neuro-Ergonomics Training – Idriss Aberkane
  • Quantum Code Training and Advanced Hypnosis – Institute of Neurosciences with David Lefrançois
  • Training Coaching in Enneagram -Center of study for Enneagram – Paris
  • Philosophical Seminar “The Power of Joy” with Frédéric Lenoir – Lapland
  • Training in wild Shamanism with Jean Marie Muller – Clisson
  • Training in the Circles of Forgiveness with Olivier Clerc- Val de consolation
  • “Listen to your Body” Training Lise Bourbeau – Forum 104-Paris

Relaxation and Meditation Workshops:

  • Masterclass – Body and mind are one – Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Masterclass – Deepak Chopra- Paris
  • Intensive and progressive workshop in Neuroscience – Joe Dispenza
  • Meditation Workshops – Western Meditation school with Fabrice Midal – Paris
  • Meditation Workshops with Christophe André – Paris
  • Days of agreement MBSR Mindfullness with the buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard – Avignon

Personal development coach