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Discovery Workshops: Feng Shui coursesThe Ikebana 

The Ikebana is a traditional art of Japan practiced for over 600 years which means art to bring flowers to life.

All plant elements are usable: flowers, branches, leaves, herbs, moss, fruits… even dried leaves, dead woods and pods are aesthetic.

The Ikebana refers to 3 essential dimensions, the Earth, the sky and the man.

Its staging is distinguished by 3 characteristics: simplicity, asymmetry and depth in space.

We will provide you with seasonal plant elements as well as pruners.

With a hint of patience and a bit of poetry, you will realize your first original floral composition.

Discovery Workshops: Mosaic coursesThe mosaic

Come and experience manipulating the mosaic by yourself.

Mosaic is a decorative art that assembles ceramic fragments with plaster to form decorative figures.

All material is available: ceramic, glue, pliers, gloves, plaster, supports.

Let yourself be guided and have fun, you will leave with your first mosaic creation.

Once upon a time, the fairytale world of Gaudi… A visionary Catalan architect particularly inspired by the beauty of nature.

Discovery Workshops: Drawing of Mandala

The Mandala drawing

In this workshop we will use several techniques to create a picture of Mandala: Dare to take your pen to express your personality through your creativity.

No specific talent is required: whether you are left and right handed… or clumsy and lefty (!)

It is thanks to the explanations and the models provided that you will be guaranteed to leave with a unique personal work of its kind.

Intuitive drawing allows you to entertain yourself while visiting your inner world…

Discovery Workshops: Cooking classes/Tapas fusion


Welcome to the country of tapas and Pinchos, these local gastronomic specialties are there to awaken your taste buds!

If you have already had the opportunity to test the tapas you certainly still have a memorable souvenir.

Here we offer a cooking class to reinvent these delicious bites with a healthy spirit

Our tapas-Fusion will surprise you with their flavor, their generosity and their creativity…

Feng Shui

Furnish your home by harmonizing the energy of your home ...

 Feng Shui is a millennial Chinese art that considers our habitat to be the mirror of our own existence.

Let us learn to harmonise our interior according to the rule of the four main pillars:


Discovery Workshops: Feng Shui courses


1 – Vital ENERGY: CHI

The good circulation of vital energy in our habitat results in a positive attitude, thoughts and feelings directly related to our health, our social and professional life. To avoid piling up too much business is to circulate the energy of Chi with fluidity inside our house.

2 – Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are the necessary and complementary opposites like day and night… In our interior, we observe the furniture and accessories associated with each of these 2 forces Yin and Yang. By distributing the objects of the same force, we can rebalance each piece and thus our personality.

3 – The 5 elements

The theory of the 5 elements arose from the observation of the elements of nature that are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, governed by color-form-material codes. In each room to live, we can thus highlight the colors corresponding to each element to strengthen them: green, red, brown, grey and black.

4 – The areas of life or the Ba-Gua

The Ba-Gua is like the scanner of the human body that analyzes each of our vital organs, in correspondence to our areas of life. On a sheet, we draw the map of our interior, we ourselves the north-south-east-west orientations to activate the areas of our domains of life: family, abundance, notoriety, social Relations, projects, Communication, career, and Knowledge.

The Circle of Consciousness

An awareness to revise our daily life ...

A pleasant moment of discussion around the five stages of human ecology

Discovery Workshops: Circle of personal development1. My body, my best friend

We are in the image of what we think, say, feel, do, move, eat…

Let us be aware that our body is our vehicle and how responsible we are for the energy we print in our cells!

2. Positive Thinking 

Be optimistic, smile, laugh, have fun in what you do: Everything is good to lighten when the daily becomes too heavy.

Look for the little hidden gift in every event that happens to us… Real gratitude on a daily basis!

3. Personal development

Know yourself! Let us welcome our parts of shadow and light to reconcile with our history, observe our eventual blockages and learn to express our emotions in all humility.

Visualization is also a way to use all our potential to transform our desires into reality… Focus on existential issues: what? How? When?

4. Service to others

To do good is to get out of the bubble of his ego and give of his time, to do good to others without waiting in return.

There are 1001 ways to serve the community, to exchange, to meet different people, to put your stone in the building.

5. Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice is not a religious practice, it is faith in a great whole, something that exceeds our small earthly existence, each one gives the name it wants: the universe, nature, Mother Earth…

To return to oneself as a “human being” and no longer as “human beings” or as “human beings” is to be defined otherwise than by their work or their material possessions… Who am I really?

Eyes on the world

Inspiring films to change our angle of view ...

This workshop is dedicated to the projection of inspiring films that have their place to open our consciousness on the world.

After the visualization you will have the opportunity to share your feelings in small groups in a space of relaxation, a glass in the hand.

For the sake of freedom of speech and thought, we will make sure to express our opinion in all benevolence, respecting and listening to others.

Some examples of projections:

Discovery Workshops: Film screening

Discovery Workshops: Inspiring films

Discovery Workshops: Ecological films


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