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One day the question arises:

Who am I?

What’s the state of my journey?

Bio-Energetic Care

Clean up your emotional toxins for a fresh start ...


Bio-energetic Care aims at an emotional and mental recovery by releasing us from our deleterious memories.

A memory is a belief that we download from our multiple life experiences, or that we recover transgenerationally through our DNA.

Every belief becomes a basic principle that will base our personality and our system of values: it will guide our choices and decisions throughout your life.

Certain false information or limiting beliefs, accumulated consciously or unconsciously in our Aura, are major obstacles to our flourishing and freedom.

This therapy consists in cleaning these negative memories and then refueling in positive energy!

The defensive physical and psychological mechanisms maintained for decades are gradually disappearing.

The changes in the daily are done quickly to regain a physical and emotional freedom, peaceful and durable.

Sound therapy at Tibetan bowls

When vibrations harmonize all our cells ...


The sound therapy in Tibetan bowls consists of putting therapeutic bowls directly on the body and then blackmailing them to feel an infinite well-being.

The Tibetan therapeutic bowls are specifically studied for their resonance so that their vibrations come to harmonise our energy centers called Chakras.

This practice allows us to act in depth to awaken our power of self healing: the vibrations gradually harmonise our cells at the biological, energetic and emotional level.

It is a vibrating experience of letting-go extraordinary where one is projected into his inner world by making a trip out of time…

From the first care, the effects are immediately perceptible:

Relaxation and release of physical tensions

Cellular regeneration and recovery

Evacuation of stress and anxiety

Release of its creative power

Mental calm and self-confidence

Inner peace and joy of life

The energetic Massage

Listen to your body to understand yourself better ...


The energetic massage aims at the same time the physical relaxation and the psycho-bodily harmonisation.

This massage is carried out on the energy meridians through the garments, with the help of mineral stones adapted to the problems of each.

Similarly, the use of therapeutic tuning forks is a valuable tool in vibratory massage to awaken vital energy in deep bones, organs and tissues.

The sensation of well-being is immediate and allows to reconnect to the listening of his body smoothly.

The presence of essential oils of ambience also allows to harmonise the temperament of the receptor.

An energetic massage for whom?

It is aimed at all: men, women, pregnant women, children, disabled people, elderly people, people with specific physical problems (pain, rheumatism, circulation disorders, digestive disorders…)

An energetic massage why?

  • Reduce nervous system disorders (insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, tinnitus…)
  • Free themselves from stress, tensions and physical blockages
  • Stimulate energy in the body and blood flow after surgical procedures
  • Mobilizing its Self healing forces
  • Protect yourself from outside events by refocusing on oneself and feeling gratitude


It’s time to rediscover

One hour and a half

A moment of happiness

Feel better

Smile more to life

Reconnect to yourself

Back to your inner world


Hear your Heart vibrate

Opening from january 2020