Zen Yoga

8:30am - 10am

To start the day well…

Come along in your Pajamas,

Join us for a gentle awakening!

Why do yoga?

The benefits of yoga start with a good mood ...

Many benefits for the body

  • Muscle Building
  • The elimination of neuro-muscular tensions
  • The flexibility
  • Daily postural improvement
  • Silhouette Sculpture

And for the Spirit

  • The evacuation of stress
  • Letting Go
  • Concentration control
  • The slowing of the mind and emotions
  • The experience of inner peace

Take everything: the joy of living, the inner smile, the love of oneself…

What is Zen Yoga?

Playful and relaxing, here are 3 types of yogas together ...

YIN Yoga

Accessible to all to maintain mobility and flexibility. The relaxing poses are practised on a slow pace that corresponds to that of the law of gravitation.

Restauratif Yoga

Enter different postures to stretch the tissues in depth by looking at the inside of oneself. Add the breath accompaniment to free our energy meridians while in consciousness.

Yoga Hammock 

Work the sheathing and general muscular strengthening in stretching with a hammock… To make acrobatics in flexibility and strength, a small challenge rather playful!

The best part about yoga is the final Relaxation

Physical tensions fade away to make way for a real relaxation: a journey inside oneself, while forging a body of dream…


When we start, we take a liking ...

The reception is warm, generous and benevolent. The courses are adapted to the level of each one, combining different techniques of yoga and relaxation. Although quite a beginner, I quickly felt the sensation of “living” my body, improving my breathing and my physical condition. Gisèle G I have been practicing yoga for several years and when I discovered this course it was a real Thunderbolt: the course of ANH expresses all his generosity, his originality, his multiple inspirations, his kindness and his attention to the other. At the end of each session, I feel lighter, more serene, aligned, cleaned and recharged with positive energy and with a little more hindsight compared to the worries of everyday life. Zeina C This is a tailor-cooked minute yoga that depends on the energy and the feeling of the group. It is this particular attention and this listening that makes the specificity of yoga that I come to look for here.  Eric B Yoga with ANH is truly special and positively energetic experience. I am a 15 years experienced yogi, however I found a sensory/loving experience. Anh keeps her classes small and gets to know her students so she can help them with whatever physiological needs they have. It is a beautiful treat and I always leave class energized and peaceful. Antonella M

Daring to do good

One hour & a half

Awaken your Body

Be well

Boost your energy

Here and now

Forget your worries

Be yourself

Come as you are

Join us from january 2020