Relaxation Zen

7pm - 8pm

Come and relax in our garden,

Sit in a cocoon,

Let yourself be transported by the sounds…


Relaxation, a pure moment of wellbeing

In a life agitated by external circumstances, relaxation helps to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being…

The relaxation we offer here is very attractive.

Come and sit comfortably in a Zen garden, a drink by your side.

Lounge chairs and hammocks are at your disposal to relax your physical tensions.

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported by the symphony of the planets, in unison with an infinite universe.

When the gongs and the Tibetan bowls come to you, welcome this vibrational wave.

The Harmony of sound pacifies our deep being through all our cells.

Discursive thoughts move away, the mind slows down and gives way to a consciousness of the present moment.

An invitation to a meditative approach surprisingly simple to practice!

Why meditate?

Meditation, a powerful tool to be Zen

The 10 Commandments of meditation

1. Your capital happiness you will develop

2. Your immune system you will strengthen

3. Your brain efficiency you will increase

4. Your sleep you will improve

5. Your stress you will remove

6. Your weight you will balance

7. Your neuro-muscular tensions you will reduce

8. Your blood pressure you will calm down

9. Your anxiety and your mental rumination you will erase

10. All depressive state you will move away

Tibetan Bowls

When the vibrations seem to come from another world ...

The peoples of the Orient have a millennial experience in shaping percussion instruments.

Among them, the Tibetan singing Bowl is an indispensable object of Tibetan and Buddhist culture.

How do Tibetan Bowls act?

Imagine throwing a stone in a lake, circular waves will spread all over its surface… This is what happens with the water contained in our cells: any vibration radiates in the whole of our body which is made up of 75% of water on average.

So the waves of the Tibetan bowl come to harmonise the vibratory frequency of our cells and create a real internal massage in order to dissolve our fears and our traumas stored in the memory of our cells.

To really appreciate the beneficial effects, just listen to the sound and feel the vibrations in our body as in a bubble of resonance.

Living the experience of Tibetan bowls is a remarkable help to achieve an extraordinary immediate psychic serenity.

The origin of Tibetan bowls

No one knows exactly when the first Tibetan bowls date: The mysterious origin that surrounds this sacred object gives it even more charm, their initial fabrication from 7 distinct metals symbolizes the 7 planets.

Since the dawn of time, we’ve been using sound in healing rituals around the world and it’s even more impressive with the Tibetan bowls because of their fascinating sound.

The gongs

Connect to bigger than you ...

The sound of the Gong is powerful, it is the matrix of all vibration frequencies, from the densest to the most subtle.

It reflects the shadow and the light, the Yin and the Yang, the consciousness and the unconscious.

“The Gong is very simple.

It is an inter-vibratory system.

It’s the sound of creativity itself.

The Gong is nothing more, nothing less.

The one who plays the Gong plays the universe.

The Gong is not an ordinary thing.

From him comes all the music, all the sounds, all the words. ”

Yogi Bhajan

Relax Max

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100% Relaxation

A return to the basics


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A pure moment of ecstasy

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